Condor 18″ Eco-Survivor Machete Review

I’m just going to start out by saying that the Condor 18″ Eco-Survivor machete is one of the best machetes I’ve ever owned, and I encourage anybody who enjoys fine bladed products to consider adding it to their collection.

The Eco-Survivor is made in El Salvador by Condor, a company with German roots going way back to 1787. While the company is now locally owned by a group of El Salvadorian machete enthusiasts, the quality is still up to the high standards set by our German friends many decades ago.

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In terms of appearance, the Eco-Machete’s 18-inch blade has been polished to a satin sheen and is quite sexy to look at. It has a beautiful, smooth grind that is cleaner and more even than many of the other machetes I’ve reviewed.

This machete is dangerously sharp right out of the box. Sure, it’s not shave-your-hamster sharp, but you’ll still be able to get to slashin’ right away without any extra work.

The tip is nice and pointy. Not all that important when clearing vines, but I still appreciate that Condor took the time to make this machete extra stabby.

With a blade thickness of 0.75″ (1.9 mm), the Eco-Survivor is one of the thinnest and lightest machetes in my collection.  This doesn’t mean it feels flimsy or delicate. The blade has a nice springiness-to-stiffness ratio, and swinging it around just feels great. In fact, the minimal weight of this machete gives it a quick, nimble feel that instills in the user an almost unsettling desire to go out into the world and hack something.

The balance is wonderful, and I feel like this would be an easy machete to use for long periods of time. It might not be quite as well suited to heavy chopping as some of the more beefy machetes I own (like an Ontario) but weeds, bushes, and small branches shouldn’t be a problem.

While the stock image for this machete show a small hole towards the tip of the blade, the one I received doesn’t have it. My guess is that this was designed to make the machete easier to hang from a nail or hook on a wall. Since I store this machete under my pillow it’s not an issue.

Quite possibly my favorite characteristic of the blade is the way it sings when pulled out of the sheath. It’s enough to make you want to buy a hockey mask and head for the nearest summer camp.

There’s a small area where the guard meets the handle where the lacquer doesn’t fully cover the blade. This is my only gripe about the fit and finish, which is otherwise near perfect for a machete in this price range.


The handle feels amazing and is easily my favorite of all the machetes I’ve reviewed so far. It’s is made of high impact polypropylene, which is kind of like a very hard rubber.

It’s a little denser than a hockey puck, with just enough give to be comfortable and absorb shock while still being hard enough to offer excellent control and feedback. It’s lightly textured, which helps overall grippiness.

I’m admittedly not crazy about the handle’s DayGlo orange color, but it does make the machete easy to find when dropped in the mud or McDonald’s PlayPlace ball pit.

If orange isn’t your look, Condor offers the same model with black (B001EC4R3Y), wood (B00KFPPE0Q), or micarta (B003D9ORK4) handles. These models are substantially more expensive, but they do come with a handsome leather sheath.

A nice touch is the lanyard hole with a brass grommet. It’s not a big deal, but it further demonstrates Condor’s attention to detail and dedication to making a quality product.


While the Eco-Survivor’s included nylon sheath isn’t going to win any “Sheath of the Year” awards, it’s very good quality. Daily users might want something a bit heavier, but most casual machete-ists will have no issues with the stock sheath.

The outer nylon is fairly stiff and heavy, and the smooth (but tough) inner material that makes sheathing and unsheathing the machete a delight. Whipping this thing out of the sheath feels so good you’ll do it repeatedly until you start scare yourself and decide to put the machete away for a while.

The belt loop is a little thinner than I’d like, but overall it’s a pretty nice for a bundled sheath.

Final Impressions

Of the first 10 machetes I purchased for review, the Eco-Survivor is easily one of my favorites. Within seconds of getting this machete into my greasy paws I knew it was a quality product that would perform well and last for ages.

It has a classic design, feels great, and slices savagely through a majority of things placed within the path of its blade. For the current Amazon price of $36 it’s a stellar deal, and quite possibly one of the finest machetes on the market at any price point.

If you’re interested in purchasing this machete, please consider doing so by clicking this Amazon link. It won’t cost you a penny and it’ll help support me, your friendly neighborhood maniac!


Overall Length23" / 58.4cm
Blade Length18" / 45.7 cm
Blade Thickness.75" / 1.9 mm
SheathNylon (included)
Weight.92 lbs / 417 g
Weight w/ Sheath1.23 lbs / 558 g
Country of OriginEl Salvador
Model NumberCTK152-18HC