Whetstone Cutlery “The Brute” Super Machete Review

Normally I feel it would be lazy writing to simply copy and paste the entire manufacturer’s description into a review, but in this case I couldn’t resist:

Whetstone Cutlery The Brute 22.75″ Super Machete our Flagship Survival Machete. At 22.75″ Overall it is a heavy duty machete that has numerous features for Survival. From the Backyard to the Wilderness and to the Jungle you’ll never have trouble surviving through the brush with the Brute! Has a 1/2 Pakkawood 1/2 Cord wrapped handle for exceptional one and two-handed grip and a Black Coated Rust Resistant Stainless Steel blade. With a heavy duty sawtooth back and a cord cutter slot. And a eyelet for easy storage and a slot in handle for additional straps. Included is a Nylon Belt Sheath. The Brute is one machete that will last a lifetime a true Super Machete!

That’s a pretty comprehensive piece of marketing copy, but I’ve got a few things to add. If you already know you want to get yourself a “The Brute” then click here to get yourself one now on Amazon.com for around $18 (at press time). Otherwise keep reading for the full review.


The blade has a quasi-futuristic multi-tiered blade that my inner 13-year-old loves. The Brute has an undeniably unique design, even if I’m not sure what practical benefits the Mad Max styling provide.  It easily wins the MacheteManiac.com award for “Machete Most Likely to be Used as a Cosplay Prop.” (And yes, I know that they wouldn’t really allow this thing into a con. It was a joke. Settle down nerds.)

Despite my japery, this machete has some serious heft. The blade is very tip heavy and feels like it could do some serious damage, even if that damage would be the result of sheer blunt force rather than cutting ability.

The blade was about as sharp as a thrift store butterknife out of the box. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, many machetes don’t come with a razor sharp edge from the factory, but The Brute’s blade was especially dull.

I’m sure a few minutes with my handy Smith’s machete sharpener would give The Brute a respectable edge, but I didn’t bother. The Brute isn’t the type of machete you buy because you need a good utility machete. You buy The Brute because you want a ridiculous display piece you can show off to your buddies when they come over for Smash Bros.

The lower tier of the blade is wrapped with paracord. According to the official description, this is designed to act as a secondary handle for tw0-handed use. I tried taking a couple test whacks using this double-handed grip and it felt completely awkward and ineffective.

The blade’s sawback is surprisingly sharp and is probably the most practical design feature on the whole machete, but I haven’t tested it so I can’t say for sure how well it works.


The handle is actually quite nice. It’s made of a laminated wood and, like your grandfather’s underwear, has a deep brown stain (I’m so sorry).

The general size is all right, but the edges are too squared off and feel a bit sharp. There’s a metal lanyard hole that juts straight out from the bottom of the handle, and I agree with several Amazon reviews that it could eat away at your little finger during prolonged use.

The handle slats are attached to the full tang blade with metal rivets. They were a little loose right out of the box and I worry they’ll just get looser as I use them more. Some users complained of the scales breaking off all together, which doesn’t shock me.


The sheath is pretty cheap, but what do you expect for 18? The belt loop and closure straps are thin nylon webbing, and they started ripping out with minimal pulling. Same for the sheath’s edge stitching. It ripped right apart with only a slight effort on my part.

The unusual blade shape means the machete can’t easily come out of its sheath, so I don’t recommend taking The Brute to your next machete duel.

Final Impressions

As you can probably tell, I have mixed feelings about this machete. The overall quality is mediocre at best, but the ludicrous design makes it impossible for me to totally hate it. I’ve always said that if you’re going to make a cheap piece of crap, at least do it with style. The Brute is a perfect example of this design philosophy.

If you’re sitting on a few extra bucks and want a goofy-ass machete to play around with, there’s no reason not to buy one of these. If you’re looking for something that will do actual work and last a lifetime, allow me to direct you to the Machete Maniac’s Favorites section of the website for my top machete picks.

If you’re interested in purchasing this machete, please consider doing so by clicking this Amazon link. It won’t cost you a penny and it’ll help support me, your friendly neighborhood maniac!