The Machete Maniac Difference

Many review sites simply visit Amazon, skim a product’s listing page, then regurgitate it into a “detailed and unbiased” product review. This technique is cheap and easy, but it doesn’t provide much of a service.

I take pride in writing thorough, honest reviews. This is why I personally purchase (with my own money) each machete featured on this site.

As part of each review, I also provide detailed and high quality photographs. This is because manufacturer stock images are frequently small, few, and sucky. My photos provide an accurate representation of a real example of the product instead of a photoshopped marketing tool.

Why do you do it, Machete Maniac?

I do it because I love machetes and I want to spread that love all over the Internet.

But also, for money. I earn a small commission from anything purchased through one of my Amazon links.

Having said that, I promise I’ll never recommend a crappy machete simply to earn a commission. That would be a scumbag move and here at the Machete Maniac we’re all about being classy. Just read some of my reviews and you’ll see that I happily call out shenanigans and other funny business wherever I find it.

The Maniac Takes Requests

Is there a machete you’d like to see reviewed? If so let me know by contacting me.